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The Datsun GO



Affordable luxury in a stylish entry level automobile, the Datsun GO has it all and then some! Built to be an urban icon, this is the vehicle you’ll want to share with friends and family alike. Want to know more? Then please visit our Datsun GO page now.

Datsun GO+

7 Seater

The Datsun GO+, also sometimes called the Datsun GO Plus, is one of SA’s most affordable multi-purpose vehicles, and is further proof that Datsun has something to offer everyone. To find out more about this amazing 7 seater people carrier, please go to our Datsun GO+ page.

Our Latest Used Datsun GO Vehicles

Datsun GO Vehicles – Small And Always Ready To GO

Take to the streets in any one of the stylish new Datsun GO Range of Vehicles and you’ll never stop smiling at the freedom, independence and downright reliability that these amazing vehicles offer. Designed using Nissan automotive technology, the Datsun GO and the Datsun GO+ have all been built to make your life easier and to reflect your spirit of adventure. These innovative Japanese cars are extremely light on fuel, have oodles of space and are packed full of ‘techi’ features that would not seem not out of place in vehicles that are twice the cost of the Datsun GO Price. The Datsun GO Range is made for you, and with 4 different models to choose from these awesome new Datsun vehicles will truly get you GOing places!

Datsun GO Specs

  • Bottle Holders in Front Doors (1.5l)
  • Speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering
  • Front Power Windows
  • Mobile Docking Station
  • Amplifier
  • Aux-in & USB port (Charge only)
  • Manual Central Locking
  • Driver Airbag

Datsun GO+ Specs

  • 5+2=7 Seating Configuration
  • Driver Airbag
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Front)
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Left & Right Rear)
  • Two-Point Seat Belt (Rear Central)
  • Child Lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Manual Central Locking

Datsun GO Interior

We were sold on the space in all of the models. There is ample room in both front and rear for both passengers and general-purpose carrying in all variants. In fact, thanks in part to the Datsun GO’s best-in-class cabin length, we can confidently say that we are sure that you’ll always enjoy a comfortable ride.

Datsun GO Styling

The Datsun GO has angular lighting, broad back and a distinctive grille centred with the trusted Datsun badge. You can personalise the Datsun GO to suit your personal style including adding a spoiler, alloy wheels, seat coverings, LED highlights and more with Datsun’s variety of lifestyle accessories. Please note however that certain Datsun GO models come standard with certain styling features at the point of purchase. Please ask your salesperson to assist you with more detail in this regard.

Datsun GO Driving & Handling

Each and every one of the Datsun GO range comes standard with integrated cutting-edge drivetrain technologies that provide power and engine torque when it is needed most. This is all thanks to the Datsun Go’s powerful 1.2-litre engine, which offers a superior driving experience in urban environments.

Datsun GO Overall Thoughts

The Datsun GO Range of Vehicles is a great entry-level vehicle for anyone that is looking for an entry-level hatchback, an affordable people carrier, fun to drive stylish urban icon, or a reliable light commercial vehicle. This is a vehicle that has something to offer everyone, but yet still manages to remain as unique as the different people who drive them. Datsun Go’s are fresh-faced, cost-effective to run and offer you a whole lot of vehicle at a fraction of what its competitors cost.

Dstsun GO Fuel Consumption Chart

Datsun GO Fuel Consumption*

No matter which one of the Datsun GO Model Variants you choose to drive, the one thing you will find that they all have in common is the outstanding fuel economy and CO2 emissions levels.

Consumption rates Litres per 100 kms Kilometres per Litre
1.2 5.2 L/100 km 19.23 km/litre

*Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer

The Current CO2 Emissions Level for the Datsun GO and the Datsun GO+ is 123g per km.

Datsun GO Safety & Security

  • Driver & Passenger Airbags
  • ABS
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Front)
  • Three-Point Seat Belts (Rear)
  • Two-Point Seat Belt (Rear Central)
  • Child Lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Manual Central Locking

Datsun GO Dimensions

GO and GO+:

  • Overall Length (mm) 3785/3995
  • Overall Width (mm) 1635
  • Overall Height (mm) 1485/1490
  • Wheelbase (mm) 2450
  • Front Track (mm) 1440
  • Rear Track (mm) 1445
  • Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 170
  • Minimum Turning Radius (m) 4.6

Datsun GO Colours

Why hesitate when you can get the Best Datsun GO colours and drive away in the car of your dreams. Colours available include:

  • Orange (GO only)
  • Brown (GO+ only)
  • Red (GO & GO+ only)
  • Gre (GO & GO+ only)y
  • Silver
  • White

Frequently Asked Datsun GO Questions and Answers

What are the Datsun GO Engine Specs?

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The Datsun GO comes with a powerful petrol driven DOHC 12 Valve 3 Cylinder 1.2 Litre engine with a displacement of 1198cc. It uses its Nissan Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and race car inspired engine technology to provide a Max Power Output of 50kW at 5000rpm and a Max Torque of 104NM at 4000rpm.

What is the Seating Capacity of the Datsun GO?

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Depending on the model you can have either 5 seat of 7 seat Datsun GO options! The Datsun GO Mid and LUX have a passenger capacity of 5, while the GO+ has place for an additional 2 passengers (for a total of 7)

What is the acceleration and top speed of the Datsun GO?

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The GO can reach a top speed of 161km/h and has a 0 – 100km/h acceleration time of 13.3 Seconds during a test done under Indian Testing Conditions.

Does the Datsun GO have a radio?

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No, but it does have both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay! This allows you to control music, audio books, podcasts and navigation on your Android or Apple Smartphone as well as give you USB charging and hands-free calling.

What is the Datsun GO Luggage Capacity?

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The GO MID and LUX has a very competitive luggage space of 265 litres, which will ensure that you can easily fit in your luggage when going on holiday, or simply loading it up with groceries on average day around town.

Is the Datsun GO a hatchback?

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Yes, it is a 5-door hatchback which makes it super convenient for passengers and luggage alike.

What is the Datsun GO Service Interval?

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The entire GO range of Datsun vehicles has an impressive service interval of15,000km’s. This not only underpins their awesome reliability, but has helped to make them popular as both family run-arounds and as fleet vehicles.

What is the Datsun GO Warranty?

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The Datsun GO range all come standard with a 3-Year or 100 000km (whichever comes first) Manufacturers Warranty. This extensive Datsun Warranty speaks volumes about just how reliable the GO is, so why not contact us today to request a test drive!

Does the Datsun GO have a Service or Maintenance Plan?

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The entire Datsun GO range comes with an optional Service and Maintenance Plan. Please speak to one of our helpful Datsun Sales Team if you would like to find out more about them.

Does the Datsun GO have a radio?

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Yes and no… The NEW Datsun GO is not sold with a standard radio, however it does come with a Mobile Docking Station, or MDS for short, which is situated in the centre console. This will allow you to access FM radio as well as your phone’s satellite navigation, hands-free telephone, music player and radio via the AUX input.

Does the Datsun GO have aircon?

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Absolutely, yes! Both the Mid and the Lux trim levels come standard with air-conditioning along with a host of other comfort features which will ensure that the time spent in this city car is as pleasant as possible.

Does the Datsun GO have ABS?

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Yes, of course it does – as your safety is one of our primary concerns! Although this was not a standard feature in the previous generation of GO, the 2019 Datsun GO and later models all have ABS as a standard safety feature.

Is the Datsun GO reliable?

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The Datsun name is backed by more than a century of automotive expertise that is also aligned with Nissan’s quest to build the most reliable vehicles and the most affordable cost for a global market. So yes, the Datsun GO in all of its guises is an exceptionally reliable car. In fact, service intervals are every 15,000 km’s and it comes standard with a 3-year/100,000 km Manufacturers Warranty. There is also an optional Datsun GO Service Plan as well as a Maintenance Plan available. Above all of this, the GO is cost effective to own due to its low service costs and fuel consumption figures* (which you can take a look at just above the Datsun GO FAQ section of this page).

What size engine does the Datsun GO have?

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The Datsun GO range utilises an 1198cc Petrol Engine.

What are the engine specifications of the Datsun GO?

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The 1198cc DOHC 12 Valve, 3 Cylinder Petrol Engine that powers all Datsun GO modes variants and trim levels has a maximum power output of 50kW at 5000rpm and a maximum torque of 104Nm at 4000rpm. This gives the GO a top Speed of 161km/h.

What tyres does the Datsun GO have?

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The entire Datsun GO range utilises 165/70R14 tyres which are freely available at all reputable wheel and tyre shops in South Africa. We can also do tyre changes, tyre rotations and tyre repairs at our Approved Datsun GO Service Centres.

What is the Datsun GO luggage capacity?

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The luggage capacity of the New Datsun Go (2019 onwards) is an impressive 265 litres of luggage space, which is large for a vehicle of this class.

What is the boot space of the Datsun GO?

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Datsun GO has a boot space of 265-litres.

What is the acceleration of the Datsun GO?

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The Datsun GO can accelerate from 0 – 100km/h in 13,3 seconds.

What is the Datsun GO’s top speed?

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The Datsun GO has a top speed of 161km/h for all model variants.

Which Datsun GO should I buy?

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This depends entirely on what you are looking for in a vehicle! If you’re looking for an excellent entry level vehicle or the perfect first car or student car then the Datsun GO Mid is the right car for you. It is packed full of features and is one of the most affordable vehicles in South Africa. The Datsun GO Lux on the other hand offers many of the same features as the GO Mid trim level, but includes additional chrome finishes on the grill, a rear window wiper, LED Daytime Running Lights and 14” Alloy Wheels. It is a vehicle with some very affordable style! Finally there is the Datsun GO+, easily one of the most cost effective to run and own people carriers sold in South Africa today. With seating for up to 7 adults, the GO+ is as big on space as it is on affordability!

What are the variants of the Datsun GO?

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There are two model variants sold in South Africa, namely the GO and the GO+. Both model variants are offered in three model trim levels, namely Mid, Lux and Lux CVT models. Please feel free to visit one of our Datsun Showrooms in Johannesburg, Cape Town or the Eastern Cape to experience the subtle differences between these amazing vehicles for yourself.

What is the top of the range Datsun GO?

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The top of the range Datsun GO is the Lux CVT trim level which comes with a number of additional style and functionality features as well as a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Is there an automatic transmission version available in the Datsun GO?

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There is not an automatic transmission Datsun GO, but there is a model variant which comes standard with a continuously variable transmission or CVT for short. The advantages of CVT are that a CVT gives drivers quicker acceleration than most standard automatic transmissions. Additionally, CVTs produce fewer emissions thanks to their ability to better control engine speed ranges. They also help with fuel consumption as they are lighter in weight than standard automatic transmissions.

Is the Datsun GO a sedan?

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No, the Datsun GO is a City Car while the GO+ is a Mini MPV!

What are the safety features in Datsun GO?

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The latest generation of Datsun GO Cars all come standard with improved safety features such as Driver and Passenger Airbags, ABS, Front Three-point Seat Belts, Rear Three-point Seat Belts, a Two-point Seat Belt in the Rear Central Seat, Child Locks, an Immobiliser, Central Locking and Parking Sensors.

Does the Datsun GO have airbags?

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Yes the datsun GO has both Driver and Passenger Airbags as standard across the entire vehicle range.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Datsun GO?

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The fuel tank capacity of the Datsun GO is 35-litres!

How many seats does the Datsun GO have?

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There are two seating layouts available in the GO, with the GO having 5-seats while the GO+ has 7-seats.

What is the Datsun GO interior like?

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The Datsun GO interior design has a clean and simple appeal. It has ergonomical flourishes which are ample proof that a lot of thought went into the layout of this surprisingly spacious vehicle. From the elegant lines of the dashboard to the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and blue-lit speedometer with white lettering it is sublimely stylish and modern.

How many colours are available in Datsun GO?

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The Datsun GO is sold in 5 colours, which are white, silver, grey, orange and red.

Does the Datsun GO have an alarm?

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No the Datsun GO does not come with an alarm, but it does come standard with an immobiliser. However, if you wish to have an alarm fitted we can organise this for you through a Datsun Approved Vehicle Alarm Provider.

Is there a Datsun GO hatchback sold in south africa?

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Although the Datsun GO is classified as either a City Car (GO) or Mini MPV (GO+) all models have hatchback-like features including a rear hatchback layout.

What is the official Datsun GO horsepower output?

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The 1.2-litre engine which powers the entire Datsun GO range pushes out 50kW of power at 5000 rpm which translates approximately to 68 hp.

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