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Group 1 Nissan Social Media Channels

Social media is changing the way the world communicates which is why at Group 1 Nissan we make use of every possible channel to keep our customers as informed as they can be. With our active presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various other social media programs we can reach a widespread customer audience and keep them updated on the latest launches, product developments, special offers and other news-related topics.

Group 1 Nissan Blog

The old adage “read all about it” still holds true when thinking about the Group 1 Nissan Blog, because we discuss ALL things Nissan every month and include all of the latest vehicle launches, Nissan news and of course Nissan vehicle updates.

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Group 1 Nissan on Facebook

Most of our clients have chosen Facebook as their preferred media channel. Like us to find out about our products and events plus receive up-to-date information on local and international Nissan news.

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Group 1 Nissan on YouTube

Instead of reading about it, you can sit back and watch Group 1 Nissan YouTube video updates vehicle reviews, special events, exclusive deals, TV ads and other important and relevant customer information.

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Group 1 Nissan on Twitter

Don’t miss out. Follow us on Twitter to get the Group 1 Nissan news as and where it unfolds. This will also give you access to the latest imagery of current production and concept vehicles as they’re launched and unveiled at various shows and events.

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Group 1 Nissan on LinkedIn

To connect with Group 1 Nissan fleet sales team on a business to business level, simply follow our profile on LinkedIn. It’s as quick and easy as the click of a button.

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Group 1 Nissan on Pinterest

To view the best product images online, visit Group 1 Nissan’s Pinterest profile. Follow us to get access to the most recent and exclusive imagery of concept and limited edition vehicles from around the world.

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