Nissan Micra Service And Maintenance Details And Costs
The Nissan Micra

Need a Nissan Micra Service?

  • Minor Service for Nissan Micra

    Our professional Minor Service will:

    • Give your Micra a full safety inspection
    • Change the Oil Filter and Engine Oil
    • Check the Brakes and Exhaust
    • Check All Lights
    • Check the Engine (including the belts)
    • Check the Transmission
    • Check the Front and Rear Windscreen Wipers
    • Check the Tyres’ Tread, Strength, and Pressure

  • Major Service for Nissan Micra

    As a part of our Macro service, our professional technicians will:

    • Check your Micra’s brake Fluid for safety
    • Change the air and Fuel Filter
    • Change the Spark Plugs
    • Change the Brake Fluid

  • Nissan Genuine Parts

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