Nissan 370Z Price, Spec & Review
The Nissan 370Z

2021 Nissan

Price from R 791,900
or R 9,599pm T&C’s apply

  • 2021 Nissan 370Z
    Coupe M/T

    From R 791,900
    or R 9,599pm*


    • 3.7 litre Nissan VQ V6
    • 6-speed close ratio manual gearbox
    • 0 – 100km’s in 5.3 seconds
    • Driver, Passenger, Curtain & Side Airbags
    • ABS with EBD and Brake Assist
    • VDC & TCS Systems
    • Automatic climate control
    • 19” Forged RAYS Aluminium-Alloy

  • 2021 Nissan 370Z
    Coupe A/T

    From R 815,900
    or R 9,899pm*


    • Same as 370Z Coupe M/T
    • Automatic Gearbox

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Nissan 370Z: Unleash The Power

Let your senses feast on the raw power that is the Nissan 370Z Car. No matter if you prefer the Roadster or Coupe, the Z series of sports cars were born to exude a feeling of polished power and agile grace. In fact, just like their drivers, the Nissan 370Z was born to be on the go.

Passion, performance and precision… The Nissan 370Z Car proudly boasts all of these elements and succeeds in carrying on the iconic status of the Z series first introduced to the world in 1969 with the first-generation 240Z.

Think you have what it takes to be a Nissan 370Z owner? Then why not contact one of our showrooms in Gauteng, or the Western or Eastern Cape to book your test drive of this ultimate Nissan showpiece.

A Sports Car Driver’s Dream

The low-slung driver’s seat that lets you enjoy your journey with your arms out, quickly reminds you that you’re in a sports car. Though you might not experience the same view you’d get in an SUV, the electrically adjustable seating makes it easy enough to find your optimum driving position. Boot space is limited as one would expect from a two-seater, but there’s extra storage room behind the seats to make up for it.

Power At Your Fingertips

The latest 370Z is also the most powerful Nissan Z to date with its 3.7L V6 engine under the hood that delivers a mighty 245kW of power at 7000rpm and 363Nm of torque at 5200rpm. The range offers four models with a choice between a Roadster and Coupé as well as a fast-shifting 6-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission.

The front-engine, rear-driven Z promises an unparalleled drive. Though it offers ample grip and body control, the 370Z steers and handles in a way most modern sports cars won’t allow to give you a thrilling track-like drive experience. It’s a true enthusiast’s car and lucky for them, it’s one of the fastest cars one can buy at its price.

Nissan 370Z Colours

Passion Red

Nissan 370Z Safety Features

Built to protect people using the Nissan Safety Shield, the Nissan 370Z uses advanced proactive safety technologies to ensure maximum driver and passenger protection at all times.

  • Six Airbag System as Standard
  • Pop-up Engine Hood Pedestrian Protection
  • ABS, EBD & Brake Assist
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Energy Absorbing Steering Column
  • Active Headrests
  • Crumple Zones & Side Intrusion Bars

Nissan 370Z Dimensions

The Nissan 370Z is more than just a mode of transport. The Nissan 370Z’s classic coupe size and is a marvel of Nissan engineering with the vehicle dimensions to prove it.

  • Overall Length: 4250mm
  • Overall Width: 1845mm
  • Overall Height: 1325mm
  • Wheelbase: 2550mm
  • Gross Vehicle Mass: 1885kg

Nissan 370Z Colours

Personalise your 370Z with any of the sporty 370Z colours developed to bring out the best in the Nissan 370Z design.

  • New Silver
  • Black Pearl
  • Brilliant White
  • Torrent Silver
  • Black Rose
  • Le Mans Blue
  • Vibrant Red
  • Quartz Metal Grey

Please Note! All metallic orders will be treated as special orders.

Frequently Asked Nissan 370Z Questions and Answers

What are the variants of the Nissan 370Z?

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There are two model variants available in the 371Z range, these being the Coupe with Manual Transmission and the Coupe with Automatic Transmission. Trim levels are the same throughout the range with the only difference being the transmission type.

What is the top of the range Nissan 370Z?

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Both model variants can be counted as the top of the range 370Z, as the only major difference between the two model variants is the choice of either an automatic or a manual transmission type.

What are the safety features in Nissan 370Z?

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As one would expect from a sports car of this calibre, the safety features are impressively extensive. These safety features include as standard all of the following – Airbag system 6 airbag system, 3-point ERL seatbelts with pre-tensioners and load limiters, a pedestrian protection pop-up engine hood, Anti-lock Braking System, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Traction Control System, crumple zone and side intrusion bars, energy absorbing steering column and active headrests.

What size engine does the Nissan 370Z have?

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The 370Z has a powerful DOHC Continuously Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) V6 engine with a 3696cc displacement.

What are the engine specifications of the Nissan 370Z?

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The 370Z’s engine puts out a max power of 245kW @ 7000rpm and has a max torque of 363Nm @ 5200rpm.

What tyres does the Nissan 370Z have?

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The 19” RAYS Aluminium Alloy Wheels on the 370Z use 245/40R19 94W Bridgestone tyres at the front, and 275/35R19 96W Bridgestone tyres at the rear. These are factory standard at the time of production.

What is the tyre pressure for the Nissan 370Z?

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The recommended tyre pressure is between 40-45 PSI. This tyre pressure will ensure better fuel economy and a smoother overall ride.

What is the boot space of the Nissan 370Z?

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The 370Z has an impressive boot size for a sports car, with the current range offering a 235 litre boot. This is more than enough space for the average sports car owners needs, and provides enough room for baggage on a weekend away for two people.

What is the acceleration of the Nissan 370Z?

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When you own a sports car you’ll expect a good rate of acceleration, and in this area the Nissan 370Z delivers by the bucket load. This is all thanks to a 0 – 100km per hour acceleration which can be done within an astonishing 5.3 seconds. So sit down, take the wheel and be prepared to be thrilled in the latest Nissan 370 Coupe!

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