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Nissan Almera Service – Expert Care For Your Almera

One of South Africa’s most reliable and affordable sedans needs a service centre which offers the same qualities, which is why when you are looking for a Nissan Almera Service at an Accredited Nissan Service Centre Group1 Should always be your first point of call. Strategically situated in Kuils River and Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and Midrand in Gauteng we are here to offer you some of the most affordable comprehensive Nissan Almera Service options in the country. Our Nissan trained automotive technicians will only ever use Nissan approved parts and consumables when working on your vehicle, and are always available to offer advice, answer any Almera Service queries you might have or recommend the best way to ensure that you continue to enjoy years of hassle-free performance from your Almera Sedan.

Always Service Your Almera Regularly!

No matter if you’re driving the latest Almera 1.5 Acenta or an older model Almera, it is always wise to regularly service your vehicle. Not only will it help to ensure continual reliability, but it will also help to maintain the resale value of your vehicle at all times.

The service interval for all of the latest Nissan Almera models is 15,000 kilometers, however, this might differ for older Almera cars. Please chat to one of our Nissan Almera Service Specialists to check what the service intervals are for your specific Almera model may be. Alternatively, you can also refer to the Almera Service History Booklet which will be found in all New and Used Almera Cars purchased from us. If you have purchased a vehicle from another dealership and it does not have a confirmed service history, we strongly recommend that you bring it into one of our service centres for a Minor Almera Service so that we can check for any potential issues.

Nissan Almera Minor Service

A Minor Almera Service plays a major part in ensuring the ongoing reliability of your vehicle!, and this is because a number of important checks and consumable replacements are performed during the vehicle service and diagnostics procedures which we perform on your Almera. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The replacement of your Almeras engine oil
  • The replacement of your Almeras oil filter
  • The replacement of your Almeras brake fluid
  • The replacement of your Almeras clutch fluid
  • The replacement of the cabin air pollen filter in your Almera
  • The addition of a Fuel Additive to your Almera

Additionally, potential Nissan Almera Software Updates and Nissan Almera Firmware Updates will be done when needed. After the Nissan Almera Diagnostic Check is completed we will also reset all necessary Almera check or warning lights.

Nissan Almera Major Service

From time to time a Major Nissan Almera Service will be required. This will be indicated in your Almera Service History Booklet or can be recommended by one of our Nissan Service Centre Team. During a Major Almera Service the following procedures will be performed on your car:

  • The air conditioning and heater systems will be checked
  • The battery condition will be checked
  • All brake lines, hoses, and connections will be checked
  • All brake pads, callipers, and discs will be checked
  • The engine cooling system will be checked
  • The drive belt will be checked
  • The driveshaft and CV boots will be checked
  • The exhaust system will be checked
  • The front suspension and ball joints will be checked
  • The fuel filter, fuel lines, hoses, and all other fuel connections will be checked
  • The fuel tank air filter will be checked
  • The transmission will be checked
  • The parking brake will be checked
  • The steering gear rack, linkage and boots will be checked
  • The vapour hoses and fuel filler cap will be checked

Once these checks have been completed we will recommend any maintenance or repairs that might be needed to be done to your Almera. Please note however that we will NOT perform any Almera Repairs or Almera Maintenance Procedures without your prior consent.

Nissan Almera Service Plan

If your vehicle is still covered by its 3 year/90 000km Nissan Almera Service Plan then almost all Nissan Almera Service costs will be covered. To find out more about our Almera Service Plan and what is covered by it, to enquire about Nissan Almera Service Costs, or simply to book your Nissan Almera Service please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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