The Nissan Assured Program - More than Just a Promise!

Nissan Assured: More than a Promise

The Nissan Assured Programme is an industry changing initiative by Nissan that is both our vision and our commitment to taking the Nissan brand into the future. This exciting automotive program now forms an integral part of what we do and will allow us to provide world class vehicles and customer service to car, SUV, bakkie and LCV fans the world over.

What Will The Nissan Assured Program Do?

The Nissan Assured Programme is more than just a promise, it is part of the Nissan culture and is aimed at offering all of our customers a tangible commitment to quality that will not only assist you with cherish every moment you spend with your Nissan vehicle for years to come, but it will also ensure that you enjoy each and every experience that you have with one of our dealerships, such as the ones found right here at Group 1 Kuils River, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. We do this by providing a quality, long-term, personal relationship with both Group 1 and the Nissan brand, a relationship that will always provide support to you and your Nissan no matter where in South Africa you may be.

What Does the Nissan Assured Program Offer?

The Nissan Assured Programme is built around 2 strategic key points, with each one providing subservices and forming an integral part of our holistic approach to customer service:

World-class Customer Experience

  • From the moment you enter one of our showrooms we’ll ensure that each and every moment spent with us is both professional and exciting
  • We promise to provide an automotive service experience that you can trust and believe in

Comprehensive Customer Support

  • All Roadside Assistance and Customer Contact Centre will be contactable every hour of the day, every day of the year, on the following toll free number on 0800 NISSAN
  • We’ll send you a licence renewal reminder to ensure you never forget
  • You’ll receive Service Plan and Warranty expiry notification
  • Vehicles now include a Standardised Warranty of 6 years/150,000km*
  • Vehicles come with an inclusive Service Plan – 3 years/90,000km on all Nissan vehicles with Service Plans*
  • Nationwide Service and Repair Centres that provide peace of mind
  • Free Vehicle Health Check on every Major and Minor Service
  • Courtesy transport for all Warranty repairs for up to 48 hours
  • Nissan parts that are always competitively priced

Want to Know More About the Nissan Assured Program?

The please contact us at one of our Group 1 Nissan new and used vehicle showrooms in both the Eastern and Western Cape. Our helpful and friendly staff will not only explain to you what the Nissan Assured Program entails, but will also show you how it will benefit you in everything they do to help you.


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