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Nissan Diesel Cars

Our Exciting Range of Nissan Diesel Cars

Diesel cars and pickups have come a long way in recent years, and Nissan diesel cars are leading the pack when it comes to this. Gone are the days where a Nissan diesel motor was the choice of farmers and heavy industry only. Gone too are the heavy sluggish diesel engines that were slow and made driving cumbersome. With the ever evolving and improving turbo technology a new Nissan diesel engine will give a petrol engine a run for its money any day in both the power and torque departments. Heavier than its petrol equivalent, a Nissan diesel engine has a greater towing capacity, and like most diesel cars a new Nissan diesel car will give you more mileage per tank over long distances. Diesel or petrol, the choice is yours.

Why not browse our selection of Nissan diesel models to find the one for you.

Nissan Diesel Engine Cars For You

Nissan X-Trail

Blaze ahead in the Nissan Diesel X-Trail

Diesel models available:
1.6 dCI Visia
1.6 dCI Tekna 4WD

The diesel Nissan X-trail is a smart, sleek and very sophisticated vehicle, packed with power and torque it rules the roads. This Crossover is available in two different diesel model variants, is kitted out with a state of the art Nissan diesel engine, making it a pleasure to drive and a powerhouse to contend with in its class.

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Nissan Qashqai

Reach for the stars in the Qashqai

Diesel models available:
1.5dCi Acenta
1.5dCi Acenta Plus
1.5dCi Tekna

The diesel derivative of the Qashqai is the perfect marriage of the most advanced Nissan technology, engineering and stylish design. The result is a unique Crossover vehicle which is both beautiful to look at and absolutely exquisite to drive. This is due in part to the reliable Nissan diesel engine which provides all the power, torque and reliability one would expect from a Crossover vehicle of this calibre.

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Nissan Navara

Navigate life in the Nissan Navara

Diesel models available:
2.3D SE 2WD MT
2.3D SE 2WD AT
2.3D LE 2WD MT
2.3D LE 2WD AT
2.3D SE 4WD MT
2.3D LE 4WD MT
2.3D LE 4WD AT

Driven by the latest generation Nissan diesel engine, the Navara is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Whether you are navigating town or taking on tough terrain, this Nissan diesel pickup will take you everywhere.

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Nissan NP300

Get the job done with the Nissan NP300

Diesel models available:
2.5 TDi Base S/Cab
2.5 TDi Mid S/Cab
2.5 TDi S/Cab 4×4
2.5 TDi HI-RIDER S/Cab
2.5 TDi Hi-Rider D/Cab


This legendary Nissan diesel pickup is the original workhorse. Commonly referred to as the Nissan Hardbody, the NP300 is a force to be reckoned with. There is almost nothing that the new NP300 diesel pickup can’t handle. Rough roads, heavy loads and long distances, its Nissan diesel engine specs are sure to impress.

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Nissan NP200

Lighten your load with the NP200 Nissan

Diesel models available:
1.5dCi Base A/C+Safety Pack
1.5dCi High

The NP200 is undoubtedly one of the very best half tonne bakkies found in South Africa today. All the boxes are ticked with this little Nissan diesel pickup – price, power, load capacity and drivability. In fact, for its size, it is not to be underestimated and is a worthy successor to the Nissan Champ. The NP200 comes standard with a reliable Nissan diesel motor and is a proven commercial vehicle platform that you can both rely on and trust.

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Nissan Patrol Pickup

Adventure awaits in the Patrol Pickup

Diesel model available:
3.0 Di 4X4 M/T

A true African legend, the Patrol is a Nissan diesel pickup that is built for the toughest terrain. It tackles the most inhospitable roads as if they were smooth tarred surfaced. A real bushwhacker, this is a Nissan diesel with a difference – the difference being that nothing is too tough for the Patrol.


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Nissan NV350

The NV350 Panel Van will lighten any load

Diesel model available:
1.5dCi Visia P/van

Hugely practical, incredibly spacious the NV350 panel van is one of the best in its class. Fitted with a state of the art Nissan diesel engine it offers 95 kW of power and 356 Nm of torque. Its massive load bay makes it an ideal Diesel LCV transport van for both small businesses and large fleets.

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Whether you are looking for a town car, country cruiser or a heavy duty workhorse, Nissan diesel cars are the answer. Contact your nearest Group 1 Nissan dealer now to test drive your new car.


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