Nissan Magnite - Price, specs, consumption and review
Nissan Magnite

2021 Nissan

Price from R 256,999
or R 2,999pm T&C’s apply

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  • 2021 Nissan Magnite
    Acenta MT

    From R 256,999
    or R 2,999pm*

    Low Installment


    • Smart Keyless Entry
    • Push Start Button
    • 8″ Touch Screen w/ Smartphone Integration
    • Cruise Control
    • Reverse Camera
    • Rear Parking Sensor
    • Tyre Pressure Monitor

  • 2021 Nissan Magnite
    Acenta CVT

    From R 280,100
    or R 3,299pm*

    Low Installment


    • Same as Acenta MT
    • CVT Transmission

  • 2021 Nissan Magnite
    Acenta Plus MT

    From R 282,600
    or R 3,299pm*

    Low Installment


    • Same as Acenta MT
    • LED Bi-Projector Headlamp
    • Around View Monitor

  • 2021 Nissan Magnite
    Acenta Plus CVT

    From R 305,700
    or R 3,399pm*

    Low Installment


    • Same as Acenta Acenta Plus MT
    • CVT Transmission

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Please note that the Magnite in this video is for advertising purposes only. Some features may differ from country to country.

2021 Nissan Magnite – Urban Adventurer!

The All-New Nissan Magnite SUV has been confirmed for South Africa, with an estimated launch date sometime within the first quarter of 2021.

With its powerful performance and striking good looks, the Nissan Magnite is sure to make waves in the South African SUV market and rock the world of all who get behind its wheel. The Magnite includes some of the most advanced technologies ever built into an SUV of this price point (final Nissan Magnite Price to be confirmed at launch) and will come standard with safety, comfort, convenience and performance features which would typically only be found in vehicles priced at a much higher price point.

With a name that combines the words “magnetic” and “ignite”, this Affordable SUV will both attract new fans to the Nissan brand while setting SUV lovers heart rates soaring. As Nissan’s first sub-4-meter SUV in South Africa, the Magnite is perfectly suited for the urban adventures our cities offer. It’s also no slouch on the open road either and is both a great Family SUV for those who need an economical option for city traffic but also a safe and secure SUV for those who enjoy long (or short) distance family holiday road trips.

Nissan Magnite Design and Styling:

Simply put, this is a vehicle that looks the part of a quality SUV! From its tall stance and generous ground clearance to its chunky wheel arches and impressive 16-inch wheels, this is an affordable Nissan SUV which is going to change the way people view the Nissan brand in South Africa. It has that classic SUV silhouette and thanks to its well-sculpted lines and large rear spoiler it looks like a much more upmarket vehicle than many of its closest rivals. Add to this an impressive grill with dagger-like headlights and there is a menacing air about the Magnite than in our opinion has been missing in this class of vehicle until now.

The Nissan Magnite Build Platform:

Built on the Renault-Nissan alliance’s CMF-A+ platform, the Magnite is a wide build vehicle that is both robust and reliable. It offers great stability thanks to its front suspension arm which is complemented by a new trailing arm setup at the rear. Because of its 205mm of ground clearance, there’s also a new anti-roll bar which further enhances the stability of the Magnite’s performance.

Drive Performance of the Magnite:

The Magnite’s suspension setup is on the firm side, which means that it has excellent straight-line stability and it works well at higher speeds. It also has an impressive braking ability which is an excellent plus for a family-focused vehicle. Its manoeuvrability at city speeds is also excellent, and in fact, the Magnite feels truly at home in the urban environment and this shows in its driving mannerisms.

Nissan Magnite Space and Comfort:

There is plenty of space and legroom on the inside of the Magnite and Nissan has done an outstanding job of packaging the cabin with state of the art features. The front seats are comfortable and it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position which offers great all-round views while driving. Additionally, thanks to a wide door aperture at the rear combined with ample rear legroom, there is more than enough space for six-footers. Headroom too is more than sufficient!

Should You Buy a Nissan Magnite?

If you’re looking for an affordable family SUV which comes packed full of class-leading features then the answer is a resounding YES! Add to this is modern aggressive SUV looks and Nissan has a clear winner on its hands. This is a vehicle that is going to (in our opinion) dominate this SUV class thanks to its disruptive pricing and overall build quality.

Impressive Nissan Magnite Fuel Consumption

New Nissan Magnite Fuel Consumption Figures*

The 1.0-litre, turbocharged engine which powers the Magnite has been designed and built specifically for this vehicle to provide enhanced power and torque without compromising the New Nissan Magnite’s Fuel Consumption Figures. Although not yet officially available we will update the below table as soon at the New Nissan Magnite is launched in 2021.

Engine Fuel Consumption
1.0-litre, turbocharged To Be Confirmed at Launch

*Subject to our Fuel Consumption Disclaimer

Nissan Magnite Safety features

  • To Be Confirmed at Launch

Nissan Magnite Dimensions

  • To Be Confirmed at Launch

Nissan Magnite Colours

  • To Be Confirmed at Launch

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