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Nissan Manual Transmission Vehicles

Nissan Manual Transmission Vehicles make up the largest part of our entire range. From family sedans and SUV’s, to taxis and LCV’s, there is a Manual Nissan for everyone! With some of the most reliable transmissions in the world, which are mated with Nissan’s incredibly efficient engines, there is every reason to get behind a the wheel of a Nissan Manual Transmission Car.

Nissan Manual Transmission Explained

When you put the pedal to the metal you’re using the driver-operated foot pedal in your Nissan to either engage or disengage the clutch. This clutch controls and regulates the torque transfer from your Nissan vehicles engine to the transmission. Adjustments to this torque control are made using a hand-operated gear selector which is known as the Manual Nissan gearbox. Nissan Manual Cars, LCV’s and SUV’s utilise either 5-speed or 6-speed gearboxes with the difference being a 6th gear acts as an overdrive to further improve engine performance at lower revolutions per minute.

Our Nissani Manual Transmission Range

This is our grand selection of Nissan Manual Cars! No matter what you are looking for, and no matter how big or small your budget, we at Group 1 Nissan will help you get behind the wheel of one of these exceptional Manual Nissan Vehicles:

Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail Manual Transmission
– Drive adventurously… –

If you’re looking for adventure then the New Nissan X-Trail SUV is for you! This manual transmission range includes many of Nissans top selling models and boasts some of the best comfort, convenience and safety features in its class. Own it, drive it, love it!

Available Derivatives

  • 2.0 Visia M/T
  • 2.0 Visia 7s M/T
  • 1.6 DCI Visia 7s M/T
  • 2.5 Acenta 4WD 7s M/T
  • 2.5 Acenta Plus 4WD M/T
  • 1.6 DCI Tekna 4WD M/T
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Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke Manual Transmission
– Embrace the passion… –

If you truly have a passion for driving, then getting behind the wheel of a manual transmission Nissan Juke is a must. From its quirky design features to its legendary fuel economy and performance, this is pure driving pleasure.

Available Derivatives

  • 1.2 Acenta M/T
  • 1.2 Acenta+ M/T
  • 1.5dCi Acenta+ M/T
  • 1.6 Tekna M/T
  • 1.6 Tekna (with navigation and sunroof) M/T
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Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai Manual Transmission
– It is time to Crossover… –

When you need to make a bold urban statement, then the stylish Nissan Qashqai Manual Transmission Range is most definitely the one you’re looking for! Built to thrill and designed to provide a fuel frugal, safe and comfortable ride, this is a Nissan vehicle that has it all.

Available Derivatives

  • DiG Turbo Visia M/T
  • DiG Turbo Visia (with rims package) M/T
  • DiG Turbo Acenta M/T
  • dCi Acenta M/T
  • dCi Acenta Plus M/T
  • dCi Tekna M/T
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Nissan Almera

Nissan Almera Manual Transmission
– Live it up… –

An affordable manual transmission car that offers so much more than its competitors. The Almera has exceptional safety features and an unrivaled fuel economy, which makes it not only a perfect entry level sedan but also an outstanding family car.

Available Derivatives

  • 1.5 Acenta Manual M/T
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Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra Manual Transmission
– Get streetsmart… –

The new Nissan Micra has taken South Africa by storm, and the 66kW Micra Manual Transmission Range is at the forefront of the charge. With design stylings, comfort features and safety levels that are more common in larger more expensive cars, this is a hot-hatch in more than just name.

Available Derivatives

  • 66kW Turbo Visia M/T
  • 66kW Turbo Acenta M/T
  • 66kW Turbo Acenta Plus M/T
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Nissan Micra Active

Nissan Micra Active Manual Transmission
– Let’s play… –

The Nissan Micra Active is proof that dynamite comes in a small yet popular package. Deceptively big on the inside, both in cabin size and in features, this is an iconic Nissan design that has stood the test of time and come out stronger for it. Affordable, fun to drive and amazing to own, this is the Micra Active!

Available Derivatives

  • 1.2 Active M/T
  • 1.2 Active (with navigation) M/T
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Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara Manual Transmission
– Rock solid in every way… –

The groundbreaking New Nissan Navara has reinvented the way people view pickups in South Africa. As tough on the inside as it is rugged on the outside, the Navara Manual Transmission Range is ready to take on EVERYTHING you can throw at it and then some.

Available Derivatives

  • 2.3D SE 2WD M/T
  • 2.3D LE 2WD M/T
  • 2.3D SE 4WD M/T
  • 2.3D LE 4WD MT
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Nissan NP300

Nissan NP300 Manual Transmission
– The legendary Hardbody… –

A true South African Legend! Nowhere else in the world is there a bakkie called the Hardbody, and rightly so as this is a one-of-a-kind LCV. With proven Nissan reliability and decades of design and feature upgrades under its belt, this is a vehicle that is built to last.

Available Derivatives

  • 2.0 BASE M/T
  • 2.5 TDi BASE M/T
  • 2.0 MID M/T
  • 2.5 TDi MID M/T
  • 2.4 4×4 M/T
  • 2.5 TDi 4×4 M/T
  • 2.5 TDi HI-RIDER M/T
  • 2.4 HI-RIDER M/T
  • 2.4 HI-RIDER 4×4 M/T
  • 2.5 TDi HI-RIDER M/T
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Nissan NP200

Nissan NP200 Manual Transmission
– Big on everything… –

A light bakkie that is heavy on attitude, say hello to the ever popular NV200 Manual TRansmission Pickup. A proud successor to the never say die Nissan Half-Ton Bakkie that became a South African Legend. Own one of South Africa’s most affordable bakkies today!

Available Derivatives

  • 1.6 8V Base M/T
  • 1.6 8V Base A/C M/T
  • 1.6 8V Base A/C+Safety Pack M/T
  • 1.6 16V Mid Dual Airbags M/T
  • 1.6 16V High M/T
  • 1.5dCi Base A/C+Safety Pack M/T
  • 1.5dCi High M/T
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Nissan Patrol Pickup

Nissan Patrol Pickup Manual
– Absolute power… –

If power and ruggedness is your game, then the Nissan Patrol Pickup is your answer. Built to withstand even the toughest of environments and built to take on South Africa’s harsh terrain, this is an LCV that keeps on giving no matter what you ask of it.

Available Derivatives

  • Pickup 3.0Di 4×4 M/T
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Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z Manual Transmission
– You’ve got the power… –

Unleash the power of the Manual Transmission Nissan 370Z when you get behind the wheel of one of the world’s best selling Coupe Sports Cars. From the very first moment you see it, to the moment you get kicked back into your seat as you pull away, this vehicle is a feast for the senses.

Available Derivatives

  • Coupe M/T
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Nissan NV200

Nissan NV200 Manual Transmission
– Gets you moving… –

People carrier or goods carrier, either way the 5 Speed Manual Transmission NV200 is a vehicle that is always on the move. But practicality is not the only thing that the NV200 offers, as it has personality and style by the bucketload. It is also exceptionally economical to run, and amazingly light on fuel.

Available Derivatives

  • 1.6i 7 Seater Combi M/T
  • 1.5 dCi 7 Seater Combi M/T
  • 1.6i Panel Van M/T
  • 1.5 dCi Panel Van M/T
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Nissan NP200

Nissan NV350 Manual Transmission
– It built this city… –

Available in both LCV and Taxi format, the Manual Transmission Nissan NV350 is as versatile as it looks. When it comes to carrying people and goods, there are very few competitors that can do it as safely and as economically as this impressive vehicle.

Available Derivatives

  • 2.5 Narrow Body M/T
  • 2.5 Wide Body M/T
  • 2.5 Impendulo M/T
  • 2.5 Impendulo (with aircon) M/T
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Own a Nissan Manual Car Today!

If you would like to find out more about our Nissan Manual Car, SUV and LCV range, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively you can Request a Test Drive of any of these fine vehicles at the top of this page.


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