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Nissan NP300 Service – Choose Expert Nissan Technicians

A legendary workhorse needs an exceptional team of automotive technicians to ensure that you get the most out of your commercial vehicle. This is why a Nissan NP300 Service at Group1 should be your first vehicle maintenance and repair option. Servicing your NP300 will not only ensure that it is kept in tip-top condition but will also help to ensure that it maintains its resale value if at some point in the future you decide to trade it in.

Why Bring Your NP300 in for a Service?

When you bring your Nissan NP300 into Group1 for a Service you’re ensuring that your pickup is only going to be worked on by qualified Nissan Automotive Technicians who will only use approved Nissan parts to repair or maintain your vehicle. All of this will be done while keeping you informed of any potential issues or additional costs which might be incurred. We do this by providing a range of cost-effective service options for all model variants and year models within the NP300 Bakkie Range:

Nissan NP300 Check-up Service

If it is not yet time for a full or interim NP300 Service then this is your best option! This NP300 Service Cost is generally the lowest (as long as no further issues are found), and consists of the bare basics:

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Vehicle Safety Checks

This NP300 Service is perfect for vehicles which are going to be used for a long road trip or if it needs to be taken for a roadworthiness test.

Nissan NP300 Service Interval Maintenance

The NP300 Service Interval is every 15,000 kilometres and we strongly advise all NP300 owners to bring your vehicle in to ensure that pickup remains roadworthy and serviceable. It includes a number of NP300 Inspections as well as:

  • An Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • An Exhaust Check
  • A Suspension Check
  • A Brake Check

This is your standard Nissan NP300 Service which is used to ensure that your vehicle continues to offer peak performance and reliability.

Nissan NP300 Full Service

Every few Service Maintenance Cycles your NP300 will need to undergo a Full NP300 Service. This is one of the most critical NP300 Service Events which will help mitigate any major breakdowns. It includes a full maintenance and safety check as well as the replacement or servicing of many NP300 parts and consumables such as:

  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Clutch and Handbrake

Nissan NP300 Service Schedule

Although the Nissan NP300 Service Interval is every 15,000 kilometres, there is also a set NP300 Service Schedule which we would like to share with you. It gives a detailed breakdown of all influencing factors which can affect service schedule timings as well as an individual parts maintenance breakdown. You can download this Nissan NP300 Service Schedule here.

Nissan NP300 Service Cost

When requesting a Nissan NP300 Service Cost for your bakkie it is almost impossible to give an exact quote until we have inspected your vehicle. Every NP300 Service and Service Cost is specific to your cars age, model, mileage and mechanical condition. Please contact us at any one of our Group1 Nissan Service Centres in the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng to find out more. Alternatively, you can use the Nissan NP300 Service Request on this page to Book your NP300 Service Today!


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