Nissan Patrol Service Intervals, Bookings And Cost

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Nissan Patrol Service – Choose The Best For Your Patrol Servicing

The Patrol is one of the most impressive SUV’s currently sold in South Africa, which means you’re going to want an impressive team to maintain and service your vehicle. This is where we at Group1 step in because when you bring this beautiful beast of a Sports Utility Vehicle to us for a Nissan Patrol Service, you can expect award-winning customer service and only the very best world-class Nissan Automotive Service Workmanship to be executed on any maintenance or repair task performed on your vehicle.

Why Service Your Nissan Patrol?

The Nissan Patrol is a mean machine with a great reputation for style, comfort and reliability. If you want to ensure that you make the most of this reputation while helping to ensure that your Patrol keeps its impressive resale value, then you will want to have it regularly serviced. With newer models, these Nissan Patrol Service options (see below) will most likely be covered by your service plan; but for older Patrol vehicles this might not be the case. Either way, when you bring your Nissan Patrol to us for its regular 15,000 kilometre Service Interval Maintenance one of two Patrol Service Options will occur:

Nissan Patrol Service – Regular Maintenance

This will be determined by your 15,000 km Nissan Patrol Service Interval and will help to ensure that your Patrol SUV provides you with the uninterrupted driving pleasure you have come to expect from such an iconic Nissan SUV. Some of the service items we will attend to include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Exhaust Check
  • Suspension Check
  • Brake Check

Nissan Patrol Service Full Service

A Major Nissan Patrol Service does not occur every 15,000 kilometres, but it is an essential part of the regular Nissan Patrol Service Schedule. Please check the Nissan Patrol User Manual to find out more about when your specific year model will need a Major Service. Alternatively, you can chat with our Group1 Service Centre Team to find out more.

Nissan Patrol Service Schedule

The Nissan Patrol Service Interval might be 15,000 kilometres, but the Nissan Patrol Maintenance Schedule is a detailed breakdown of exactly what needs to occur within a maintenance cycle of the Patrol SUV, and what factors might negatively influence the timing of individual Nissan patrol vehicle components maintenance and replacement times. For your convenience and peace of mind, you can download a complete Nissan Patrol Service Schedule here.

Nissan Patrol Service Cost

If you are driving a New Nissan Patrol then there is a very good chance that the Patrol Service Cost will be covered by your service plan. If you are driving an older model Patrol or your latest model has already exceeded the 3 years/ 90 000 km Nissan Patrol Service Plan Expiry then please contact us regarding your Nissan Patrol Service. This is because we cannot provide you with an accurate quote without first inspecting the vehicle. To book a Nissan Patrol Service with at any one of our Group1 Nissan service centres in Gauteng, the Western Cape or the Eastern Cape please utilise the booking form on this page.


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