Nissan Roadside Assist - Everything Need To Know
Nissan 24 Hour Roadside Assist from Group1

Nissan Roadside Assist

0800 647726

0800 647726

Nissan Roadside Assist

Nissan 24-Hour Roadside Assist*
There When You Need Us Most!

No matter where in South Africa you are driving, or how far away from one of our Nissan service centres you are, Nissan 24-Hour Roadside Assist* is there to always help you. Each and every new Nissan vehicle purchased from us comes with a Nissan 24-Hour Roadside Assist, aligned to the warranty of your new vehicle. Because of this, no matter if you have locked your keys in your car, have a flat tyre, suffered from a flat battery, run out of fuel or broken down – the South African Nissan 24-hour Roadside Assist* team will ALWAYS be there to assist you and get you safely back on the road with the least amount of fuss.

Nissan Roadside Assist is Just a Call Away

With our Nissan Roadside Assist Program* a friendly operator and trained Nissan technician is just a simple call away. 24/7, 365 days a year we at Nissan are available to assist you!

Call Nissan Roadside Assist On: 0800 NISSAN (647 726) OR +27 11 929 3427 for all International or neighbouring states.

What is Nissan 24-Hour Roadside Assist?

Nissan Roadside Assist Program* is a Nissan initiative that enables Nissan vehicle owners in South Africa to call for 24-hour vehicle and medical assistance.

This includes unlimited Nissan vehicle roadside assistance that covers:

  • Battery issues on your vehicle or if your Nissan won’t start.
  • Towing for mechanical and electrical breakdowns to the closest approved Nissan dealership.
  • Organising a courtesy vehicle for a period of 24 hours if you are more than 100km away from your destination.
  • Helping to provide accommodation for you and your passengers, if you are more than 100km from your destination, should a rental vehicle not be available.

We will also assist and coordinate all of the following services in the case of an emergency*:

  • Assist in case of a medical emergency, but note that emergency services are not covered.
  • Help change a flat tyre for a spare, but this service is not covered.
  • Arrange a locksmith, if keys are lost or stolen, but the locksmith’s services are not covered.
  • If you have run out of fuel or have the incorrect fuel in your tank, again service is at your own expense.
  • Arrange for vehicles involved in accidents to be towed to the closest approved Nissan panel beater, but their services are not covered by us.

What If Your Nissan Vehicle Is Out Of Warranty?

We will always assist all Nissan vehicle owners in any way that we can. This means that even if your vehicle is out of their standard warranty we will help to coordinate any roadside assistance that you may need. However, the cost of any service that is needed is not covered, only the coordination and organisation of the service.

Terms And Conditions Of Emergency Repair

Does not apply to

  • vehicles outside of the Standard Warranty terms and conditions.
  • any vehicles driven inappropriately, for example on inappropriate terrain for the car.
  • vehicles which have not been maintained in accordance with the car manufacturer’s recommendations, or have not been maintained for 12 months.

Services are waived if

  • vehicles are modified or altered without permission according to the standards of the car manufacturer.
  • the vehicle is carrying a combined weight, including passengers, greater than the standard determined by the car manufacturer.
  • there is a misuse of the vehicle.
  • loss or damage is a direct result of a natural disaster, war, invasion, or strike for example.
  • the vehicle is outside the determined service area.
  • the driver does not hold a driving licence or has an expired driving licence.
  • Any costs incurred if the fuel or fluid was left empty, resulting in the car being damaged. We can arrange for technicians to help you, but the cost is for you.
  • Nissan is not responsible for the theft of belongings or accessories.
  • Roadside Assist will not be responsible for the cost of damages in the event that the car manufacturer recalls the car.
  • We do not cover the cost of damages if the vehicle was serviced by a centre that does not meet the required standards or if fake parts were used.

*Terms and Conditions Apply!


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