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Nissan Sedan

Are You Looking for a Nissan Sedan?

If you’re looking for a Nissan Sedan that offers luxury, style, safety and affordability, then you’ll be pleased to know that your search is at an end. This is because the new Nissan Sedans that you will find on our showroom is the best that are currently available in South Africa. They are the pinnacle of Japanese family car engineering and built to ensure that you and the passengers you carry are both safe and comfortable each and every time you take to any South African roads.

Types of Nissan Sedans

For your perusal, we have included a full list of Nissan sedans available to purchase from our showrooms in Kuils River and Stellenbosch below. Please note that there are also pre-owned Nissan Sedans such as the Nissan Sentra available at all of our showrooms in the Western Cape, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. Additionally, if you purchase a Nissan Sedan from us we can have it delivered directly to your door no matter where in South Africa you live. Take advantage of our new vehicle prices and invest in a Nissan Sedan today.

Nissan Almera

Who says a modern sedan has to cost the earth? The new Nissan Almera offers ground-breaking safety and comfort features at a fraction of the cost of almost all other sedans. Fun to drive, great to own, the Nissan Almera could be your next cat if you buy it at from any Group 1 Nissan showroom.

Find out more about the Nissan Almera or book a test drive.

Nissan Sentra
Pre-owned Models Only!

You’ll always enjoy your journey when driving a luxurious Nissan Sentra. Designed to appeal to the discerning driver while still being affordable, the Sentra is possibly one of the most popular cars in its class.

Learn more about the Used Nissan Sentra, or book a test drive.

Are There Other Nissan Sedan Models?

The Nissan sedans for 2019 and 2020 only include the Nissan Almera. However, many potential car owners who are looking at our Nissan Sedans also enjoy owning and driving the affordable Nissan Micra or the new Datsun GO as well. Please feel free to visit the dedicated model pages for a full list of Nissan cars on this website. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss these and the other Nissan Sedan vehicles available in our showrooms.

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