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Santaco taxi deal: Providing Better Taxis

SANTACO and Group 1 Nissan have entered into a joint venture to make the new Nissan NV350, known as the Impendulo in South Africa, the first choice for taxi drivers, operators and passengers.

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The joint venture is the first of its kind in South Africa and empowers taxi owners by splitting the profits from sales of the Impendulo between Group 1 Nissan and SANTACO. This allows taxi owners to revise their budgets allowing for more money to be allocated for maintenance and will also see better earnings for taxi drivers in the highly competitive transport industry.

The taxi industry in South Africa transports millions of people and Nissan is planning on selling approximately 5000 taxis in the first year. At present this deal is only available for members of SANTACO and in the Western Cape, but Group 1 is planning on extending this deal throughout Mzansi shortly.

SANTACO WC, second deputy chairman, Nazzen Abdurahman is hopeful that their joint venture with Group 1 will help relieve some of the financial pressure with which taxi operators have to deal and he foresees this translating into a safer and better taxi industry in the Western Cape. A newly established company, Admiant (Pty) Ltd will administer the funds and manage the disbursements, as well as publicly reporting on the use of the funds.

The Nissan NV350 Impendulo’s features

The Impendulo, which means “Answer” in Zulu, features enhanced safety features such as driver and passenger airbags, safety belts on all 16 seats, as well as crumple zones and Zone Body Structure. It also has security features such as immobiliser and DataDot vehicle identification systems. Find out more about the Impendulo here.

Nissan’s Taxi Heritage

Nissan is no stranger to the taxi industry. Between 1973 and 1996 Nissan sold approximately 71 000 E20 taxis in South Africa. The NV350 is seen by many as the spiritual successor to the E20, having the same reputation for strength, reliability and value for money.

Great Taxi Value

Looking for staff, school or tour transport but not a member of SANTACO? Don’t worry you can still get great deals on a Impendulo taxi from Group 1 Nissan. Test drive an Impendulo today and see why the it is your perfect fleet and transport solution.

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