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Student Car? Get Yours!

Zippy, fuel friendly, attractive, reliable, spacious and safe, a first time Student Car owner like you demands this from your vehicle and rightly so in our opinion! This is because you need a vehicle that not only fits into your lifestyle, it needs to become a part of it. It needs to be your best friend and your wingman, your protector and a trusted member of your extended family all rolled into one.

What is the Best Car for a Student?

A good question, and one that has as many answers as there are students in South Africa! That said, we think there is not one single vehicle in our arsenal of magic motors, instead we have FIVE, that can provide definitive answers to the Best Car for a Student question. They are (in no particular order):

The Nissan Micra
Micra by name, massive in stylish nature, this is the affordable Nissan vehicle that took the student market by storm thanks to its innovative features!

The Datsun Go Lux
From class to home and back again,when it’s time to get going there is no better affordable runaround option than this feisty little Datsun Go Lux!

The Datsun GO Remix
Break the mold, throw down the gauntlet and remix your life in this limited edition version of the popular Datsun Go Remix!

The Datsun GO+
Bigger is most certainly better thanks to an extend body and the 7 seater carrying options of the Datsun GO+! Can anybody say road-tripping vehicle?

Nissan NP200 Bakkie
Surf’s up (and so are the envious stares of your mates) as you head on down to the beach with surfboard in your Nissan NP200 bakkie, bike or 4 legged best friend in tow.

Cars for Students Don’t All Need to be New!

We all want a new snazzy set of wheels, but sometimes costs can be prohibitive. This is why we at Group 1 have one of the biggest selections of pre loved and pre owned vehicles just waiting for you to to jump into. Not only are these vehicles a cost effective alternative to their newer brethren we introduced to you above, but thanks to our Nissan Valid Value Program you are guaranteed a student car that ticks all of the right boxes when it comes to reliability.

Want to know more about our secondhand Cars for Students? Then please visit our pre owned Nissan page.

What to Look For in the Best Student Cars

One of the reasons why we chose the vehicles presented at the top of this page as some of the Best Student Cars is because they offer the following:

Light on fuel: This is a must, as funds can often be tight!
Good for car pooling: The more the merrier no matter if it is to parties or classes!
Highly affordable: Again with the tight funds? We promise we’re not trying to rub it in!
Safe: Need we say more?
Quick off the mark: For those times you absolutely have to be somewhere on time!
Low maintenance costs: Lower costs means more cash in YOUR pocket!
All purpose functionality: From beaches and bars to classes and home to the parents!
Service plans: We promise that this is the last time were saying it’ll save you money!

Student Car Deals

We at Group 1 Nissan have showrooms in both the Eastern and Western Cape (including one situated right in the heart of the University town of Stellenbosch), and often run Student Car Deals that are designed to give you the Best Student Car options in the country. We even have a new and used car delivery service for those student who live and study outside of the Port Elizabeth/Uitenhage and Greater Cape Town Metropole Area and still want to take advantage of our great prices.

Please visit our Nissan Specials and Promotions page to find out more! Alternatively you can also contact us directly to discuss your Student Car needs with us.

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