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Datsun GO Spares

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Datsun GO Spares

When you are looking for genuine Datsun GO Spares then it is always advisable to go direct to the source, which is why your first call should always be Group 1 Datsun. With showrooms in Cape Town, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape, and the ability to deliver Datsun Spares anywhere in South Africa, we’re a literal one stop shop for Datsun Spare Parts.

Datsun Spares in South Africa

Datsun Spares in South Africa include Datsun Suspension Parts, Datsun Body Parts and Datsun Engine Parts, all of which are available at Group 1:

New Datsun Suspension Parts

We stock all Datsun Suspension Parts, including coil springs, strut assemblies, sway bars and ball joints. Chat to any of our team of Datsun Parts specialists to find out more about the Datsun Suspension Parts you’re looking for.

New Datsun Body Parts

We have a huge range of New Datsun Body Parts available for the entire Datsun GO range. From body panels and front end grills, to lights and door panels, we can source them all for you! Chat to one of our helpful Datsun Spares Parts staff to find out how we can help get the right Datsun GO Spares directly to your door.

New Datsun Engine Parts

The reliable Datsun GO engine is easy to maintain, but sometimes you might be looking for New Datsun Engine Parts and supplies to help you get the job done on your own*. We stock everything from distributor caps and head gaskets to water filters and oil pumps, so simply visit or call any one of the Group 1 Datsun branches to enquire about the engine parts you’re looking for.

Insist on Datsun Genuine Parts

Our trained Group 1 mechanics will always ensure that only Datsun Genuine Parts are used when servicing or repairing your Datsun GO. These parts are all sourced from Datsun South Africa, and are manufactured to the highest of international vehicle engineering standards. All of these Datsun Auto Parts are also available to purchase via our Group 1 Datsun GO Spares stores situated in all of our service centres. Contact us to find out more!

*Please Note! If your Datsun is still under warranty then we strongly suggest that you bring your car in for maintenance or repairs at one of our service and parts centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg or the Eastern Cape before fitting your own Datsun Spare Parts. This will ensure that your Datsun Manufacturers Warranty is not voided through the use of non genuine Datsun GO Spares or work done by untrained Datsun mechanics.


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