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Frequently Asked Questions At Group1 Nissan

What are the advantages of using Group1 Nissan?
Quite simply, you get to deal with a group of people who believe that customer service is what grows a successful business. That means you can rely on us to keep our promises and we’ll always endeavour to provide you with the best vehicle deal possible. If you’re happy with our service then we’d be delighted if you told your friends about it.

Do you do regular offers and promotions?
Yes, we schedule exclusive Group1 Nissan special deals of our own as well as supporting special national promotions from Nissan South Africa. Find out more about our latest Nissan deals and specials by going to our Group1 Nissan Specials page. Alternatively, you can also sign up to receive our informative monthly Group1 Nissan email which will always feature our latest Nissan Specials and promotions.

Where are you located?
You can find us in the Western Cape in Kuils River and Stellenbosch (near Cape Town) or Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth (Pre-owned) in the Eastern Cape For your convenience we also have a showroom Johannesburg. Please note that we also regularly sell and deliver vehicles to customers all over South Africa so be sure to contact us no matter where in South Africa you may be.

Do you only do used Nissan vehicles?
No. We stock quality used cars from all manufacturers. Please visit our Used Vehicles pages to find out more about our wide range of vehicle brands, all of which are available at Group1 Nissan

What assurances do I get on used vehicles?
Whether Nissan or not, any used car you buy from Group1 Nissan is sure to have been carefully sourced and will come with the full backup of the Nissan Valid Value Programme. You can even bring your vehicle back to us for as long as you own it for free roadworthy checks.

Are you Nissan experts?
Oh yes! As you might expect, we have a great deal of knowledge of the Nissan range of vehicles. But we are also comprised of people who have a true passion and enthusiasm for the Nissan brand and just about everything else Nissan. Put us to the test by visiting one of our showrooms or service centres to find out more.

Do you know about other cars too?
Yes. We’re motor dealer professionals and have detailed knowledge of all kinds of vehicles and specifications, both new and used. We also service non-Nissan vehicles for a number of clients in our service centres.

How do I book a service?
Just give us a call and we’ll book your car in for you. Alternatively, you can click through to the book a service page on this site, send us the relevant details and we will call you back. Be sure to let us know the odometer reading and any particular issues you are experiencing with your car so we can check it out when you arrive.

Can you provide a trade-in value on my car?
Yes. Getting the best and most accurate valuation on your car is essential for getting value on a new purchase and planning any finance you may need.

Where does Nissan sit compared with other motor manufacturers?
Today, Nissan cars offer some of the best value-for-money vehicles on the market. Nissan’s real value lies in its ever-improving reliability and product range, as well as the fact that you get real quality without having to pay a premium.

What’s the current range of Nissan cars, crossovers and people movers?
Everything from the Nissan Almera sedan to the Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail and true-blood bakkies like the NP200 and Navara are all available in South Africa. There is even the luxury yet surprisingly rugged Patrol SUV available! We are also constantly introducing new vehicles to the Nissan range, including the world’s most popular electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF and the Next Generation Nissan Navara Pickup.

What’s the current range of Nissan sports utility vehicles?
All of the best (not to mention most desirable) Nissan SUV superstars are available on our showroom floors! This includes the Nissan Qashqai, Nissan X-Trail and the Nissan Patrol.

What’s the current range of Nissan commercial vehicles?
Starting with the replacement for the much loved Nissan 1400 bakkie is the Nissan NP200. You can also check out workhorses like the Nissan NP300 Hardbody, Nissan Patrol Pickup, NV350 LCV and the Nissan NV350 Impendulo Taxi.

Can you deliver my new or used vehicle to me?
Of course, we can! We have a well-established national vehicle delivery service which will allow you to take advantage of our amazing Nissan Vehicle Prices, Regular Nissan Promotions and exceptional Group1 Nissan Customer Service no matter where in South Africa you are. Either contact us at any one of our showrooms in the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape or Gauteng to find out more. Also, don’t forget to regularly visit our Nissan blog for all of the latest Vehicle launches and Promotional News at Group1 Nissan.

Do you sell demo vehicles?
Yes we do! In fact, we regularly offer some of the best quality Nissan Demo Vehicles for Sale in South Africa. This includes Qashqai Demo Vehicles, Nissan NP200 Demo Vehicles and even Nissan Navara Demo Vehicles.

Do you offer Nissan fleet sales and services?
Yes we do! In fact, visit our Nissan Fleet Sales page to find out everything you need to know about the benefits of dealing with our fleet management team. This includes Nissan Fleet Discounts to both large and small businesses.

Does Nissan have good family cars?
Nissan has made a name for itself globally as one of the preeminent SUV and Crossover manufacturers and these types of vehicles lend themselves to the family environment because of their spacious interiors, stylish looks and excellent safety ratings. Please go to our Nissan SUV page for more information on our entire Sports Utility Vehicle Range.

Which Nissan vehicle is a good car for a first-time driver?
Without a doubt the Nissan Magnite! It’s safe, reliable, economical to run and VERY affordable both as a new vehicle and even more so as a used one. Its also packed full of comfort and convenience features that many of its competitors don’t offer, including an Audio system, Electric Front and Rear Windows and even Smart Entry. Please visit our Nissan Magnite page to find out more about this incredible compact SUV and to book your test drive!

Does Group1 Nissan Offer Vehicle Finance?
Absolutely yes! In fact, as an official Nissan dealer, we have partnered with WesBank to offer you expert Nissan Vehicle Finance advice, and competitive interest rates and to assist you with setting up and applying for all of your vehicle finance and car insurance needs.

Please visit our Nissan Vehicle Finance page to find out more about how we can help make your dream Nissan Vehicle even more affordable!

How do I Apply for Vehicle Finance?
Thanks to our partnership with WesBank and our Nissan Vehicle knowledge you can trust us to provide you with all of the assistance you’ll need when applying for vehicle finance. Simply contact or visit any one of our Group1 Nissan Showrooms and we’ll walk you through the entire process and help ensure that you understand each step along the way.

How do I do an Affordability Assessment?
Our dedicated Nissan Finance Team will be able to assist you with this. Each member of our Group1 Nissan Finance Team is trained to not only understand the financial process behind financing a vehicle but also how it will impact your pocket. This means that they are perfectly placed and have the right training to not only work out the best possible Nissan Finance Deal, but also to advise you on any Vehicle Affordability Assessments you would like done.

Does Nissan Sell Family Cars?
Yes of course! In fact Nissan is known globally for its dedication to safe and comfortable driving. These two features along with the ample space in the Qashqai, X-Trail and Navara make them the perfect Nissan Family Vehicles!

Which Nissan Vehicles Make the Best First Time Cars?
From the Nissan Micra, Almera and NP200 Bakkie – Group1 Nissan has a host of popular (and affordable) First Time Owner and Driver Cars for you to test drive. To find out more about all of these fantastic vehicles please visit our Best Cars for First Time Drivers page!

How reliant are your fuel consumption figures?
These figures are always gathered under certain testing conditions and therefore may differ in other circumstances, however they offer a good baseline figure for comparisons. Please also keep in mind that these figures have been provided by Nissan SA and have been published by Group1 in good faith.

Which Nissan Vehicles Are Good Student Cars?
A good student car needs to be affordable to purchase, fuel frugal and easy and inexpensive to maintain. Thankfully Nissan South Africa (and Group1 by extension) have not one but three incredible Student Car Options, all of which are available from our Stellenbosch, Kuils River, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage showrooms. These are in no particular order the Nissan Almera Compact Car, the Nissan Micra Active Compact Hatchback, the NP200 Bakkie and the Datsun GO. Although all of these vehicles are distinctly different from each other they offer student drivers a diverse selection of potential purchasing options, all of which are backed by Nissans proven reliability and cost effective running costs. If you would like to learn more about these incredible vehicles which are all perfect for students then visit our Best Cars for Students page!

Does Nissan Sell Small Cars?
Yes they do! In fact, the Nissan Micra Active is one of the best-selling small cars ever built by Nissan and is manufactured on a proven platform which offers both durability and safety features which are generally more commonly found in larger more expensive vehicles. There is also the Nissan Almera, which is a compact car with an established reputation in South Africa for providing a feature-rich driving experience in an affordable vehicle format. Finally there is the all new Nissan Micra, an incredible hatchback with excellent performance, incredible levels of safety and exceptional comfort and convenience features which come as standard across the entire New Micra range. For more information please go to our Nissan Small Cars page!

What Nissan Light Commercial Vehicles Are Available in South Africa?
There are currently 5 Nissan Light Commercial vehicles sold in South Africa. These are the Nissan Navara Pickup, the Nissan NP300 Hardbody Pickup, the Nissan NP200 Pickup, the Nissan NV350 Delivery Van and the Nissan Patrol Pickup. There is also the popular NV350 People Carrier which has been specifically developed for use in South Africa’s busy taxi industry. Each one of these vehicles is an asset to any company, be it a large business fleet or a small business which is owner operated. Chat with one of our Fleet Sales Team to find out more about our Nissan Light Commercial Vehicles or sign up for regular vehicle and LCV pricing, promotion and launch updates via our monthly Group1 Nissan Newsletter.

How Good is the Nissan Infotainment System?
Nissan has built a reputation for itself as a company which is at the forefront of the global vehicle technology revolution. The Nissan Infotainment Systems which come standard with specific Nissan vehicle models and trim levels are part of this dedication to providing the best safety, comfort and convenience features possible. In some instances, these Nissan Infotainment Systems form the very heart of driver interaction with the vehicle itself. Because of this the ergonomically designed Infotainment System layout and the functionality provided are some of the best in the business. If you would like to find out more about the model-specific Nissan Infotainment Systems available please go to our Nissan Brochure Download page!

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