Nissan unveils its Datsun MPV in Indonesia

Datsun Go+ Launch

The Nissan Go and Go+ are introduced to the Indonesian and world press.

Have you seen the New Datsun multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) yet? This is the question on most motoring journalists lips as the Nissan Motor Company launches (or should that be relaunches) its iconic Datsun Brand in Indonesia.

The release of the seven-seater Datsun Go+, which has a 1,200 cc engine and gets more than 20 kilometers to the liter, which will now allow Nissan to tap into the developing world’s growing middle-class market.

The Datsun’s GO+ is also the first MPV to join the low cost green car (LCGC) program. This “accessible price” will be made possible because the vehicle, which will go on the market in Indonesia next year, will be produced entirely in that country. This bodes well for any future sales expansions, because countries like South Africa already have the Nissan manufacturing infrastructure to start building their own versions of this vehicle.

Nissan Is Investing In Datsun

Nissan has invested $400 million to boost the production capacity of its plant in Cikampek, West Java, and is aiming to gradually increase the output by 150,000 units to 250,000 units by the end of 2014. The first 80,000-unit-capacity upgrade has in fact already taken place this year.

Did you know? Indonesia has one of the fastest growing automobile markets in the world. This will help them to invest in the Datsun brand in other key emerging markets such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Russia.

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