3 Reasons To Regularly Service Your Datsun GO

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Here Is Why It’s Important To Service Your Datsun GO

The Group 1 Datsun Service Centres in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Johannesburg, Uitenhage, and Port Elizabeth provide some of the most comprehensive vehicle servicing, repair and maintenance options available for the Datsun brand in South Africa. But why is it that regularly servicing your vehicle is so important? For us here at Group 1 there are 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Service Your Datsun Regularly:

1: It Helps With Vehicle Safety

A safe vehicle is a reliable vehicle, and when you regularly service your Datsun GO with us we’ll ensure that your vehicle is in perfect working order. A service is more than a simple oil change because we check everything from your brakes to the air filters to ensure that your vehicle is ready to transport you safely and comfortably to any destination in South Africa you choose.

2: It Helps to Maintain Your Vehicles Resale Value

At some point in the future you might want to trade your Datsun GO in, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll always want to get the best price for it. To help ensure that you do, it is recommended that you regularly service your vehicle at an Accredited Datsun Service Centre. This will help to ensure a much better market-related book value for your Datsun GO, no matter when you decide to sell.

3: It Saves You Money

Regular preventative maintenance helps to ensure that bigger mechanical issues are identified and repaired early at what could be a vastly reduced cost. In some cases, maintenance can even prevent certain mechanical completely! This means extensive rebuild and repair costs can be eliminated and even additional costs such as towing fees and vehicle storage fees can be avoided.

Is your Datsun GO in need of a service? Then please contact us at Group 1 today to book your vehicle in with the Datsun Experts.


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