Datsun GO – Old world charm wrapped in modern science

The Datsun GO

The Datsun GO

After two decades of absence, Datsun has made landfall – and a big splash! – in South Africa once more. With its dynamic, retro-fusion design – so unlike anything else on South Africa’s roads – the Datsun badge is fast regaining its recognisability. But this sporty runabout is not only turning heads with its nostalgic shape and modern trim, it’s also turning corners with multiple best-in-class awards.

Not least of these awards is for cabin length. With a turning radius of only 4.6m and speed sensitive electric power steering, you can wedge all 3,78m x 1,36m worth of GO into virtually any space, turn on a dime and have change left over. Best of all, once you’re there, the connected front seats and at-arm’s-length gear lever allows you to slide out the passenger side door as easily as you would have out the driver’s side. With all of that compact economy, you’d never guess at the generous 265l of space waiting for you in the boot – another best-in-class. Finally, a runabout that’s also ready to run away with you, all of your friends and all of your luggage.

If this were not enough to make the Datsun GO stand head and shoulders (1.48m in case you were wondering) above the competition, there’s also the 1.2l straight-three engine, boasting a handful more horses than most other cars in this category. And it shows, when this pony canters from 0-100 in just 13.3 seconds. With 104Nm of torque on the low end and 50kW of power on the high end, the GO is going, going, gone on just 5.2 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.

For a golden oldie, the Datsun GO has gone out of its way to appease the space age, incorporating a smart mobile docking station for your handheld device, a drive computer to keep track of your kilometres and economy, front power windows and 360 degree air conditioning vents.

One last best-in-class award: Total Cost of Ownership. You’ll think you’re still paying 1980’s prices for services and maintenance to the Datsun Go.

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